Monster Evolves.

FreetheGreenMonster is about putting the power of sustainable development back into your hands – we’re building a platform that empowers you as consumers and business owners to affect positive change in society.  It’s a framework that doesn’t rely on government regulation or individual altruism, but rather progressive incentives for making informed decisions in your daily life, year in and year out. 

The above statement from our About Us section is a rather cryptic storyboard for the fully expanded FTGM blueprint. So far we have brought you Monster's Ink, our blog dedicated to showing you as consumers and business owners that going green does not have to entail spending lots of money and getting nothing out, becoming sustainable in your life or business is about consuming less, or consuming more sustainably, going green should mean saving money as well as saving the world.

We have also brought you the green charter which maps out where in our lives and business activities we should be concentrating in order to begin to build this more sustainable society and now we bring you the Monster Business Platform.

The Monster Platform is the next step in the Monsters evolution, we are calling on all businesses to get involved, we want the FreetheGreenMonster eco-system to be a hub of green and sustainable businesses. Signing up is easy,  all you need is a member account and then go and create a Monster.

What is a Monster exactly you ask? Well a Monster is a business website which is attached to our Monster directory and Live Monster Search engine, allowing your business to be Monstered by consumers looking to find green and sustainable businesses selling green and sustainable products.

On the functionality of the Monster websites, you will be able to do the following:
1) Display your products, build up and manage a growing database of green consumers who can track your business, identify yourself as a local business, allow people to email you from your website and find your location from your own Google maps on your Monster Website.

2) Use or as your web address.

3) Link your existing website to your monster website with the embed code provided in the Monster Portal section of your private admin area, using it as a portal to green consumers, enhancing your green reputation and make some green bucks.

4) Create and manage links to other areas on the web that feature your business like your Facebook group and reviews about your business and products.

5) Attach Meta tags to both your products and your Monster website so that other search engines like Google and Bing will be able to find you, relish in the power of the online community to make the businesses on FTGM stand out.

6) Use a basic but evolving statistics page to monitor traffic to your Monster website and different products.

7) Feature your best or most recent products on your Monster home page.

8) Share in the future vision of FTGM. A world class sustainability tool, commerce enabled websites, a consumer scorecard and a loyalty scheme all coming soon to a web platform near you.

So get involved today, why have a website that sits floating around in the middle of nowhere, take a Monster website and be apart of our sustainable community, we are calling all businesses as long as you have it in your mind that you want to become more efficient and help build a sustainable planet for all.

Hopefully together we are able to bring a true vehicle for change! Together we can
change the world. FTGM

Monster Original FTGM: paving the way to sustainability.
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