One of these 5 solar chargers is something that you have to have.


Some pretty cool gadgets making the capture and usage of solar power available to everyone and making our lives easier on a day to day basis. The last item the solio charger can be bought at Cape Union Mart.

As far as we can tell not all of these items are in South Africa yet, perhaps this is a great oppourtunity to begin your entrepeneurial journey by looking into the porduction of solar chargers and other accessories for the South African and African market.


1. Solar Surge iPhone Charging Cases
Touted as the world's first Apple-certified solar iPhone cases, the Solar Surge line mixes performance and portability and puts the combo into a mighty good-lookin' package. Just slip the case on and flip it so that the photovoltaic panel side is facing up to charge up your phone. It'll extend 3G talk time by a very helpful (unless you're on the phone with your mom) 4 hours.

2. Voltaic Switch Solar Powered Minibag
We've been fans of Voltaic's solar backpacks for some time now, but sometimes you just don't feel like lugging around a bulky bookbag. Well we guess the folks at Voltaic felt the same way because they also carry this handy dandy Switch Minibag. Perfect for days when you're running errands around town or for sightseeing excursions, the Switch is superlight and has 4 watts of solar power, meaning that 1 hour in sun = 3 hours extended talk time. Plus it's made of recycled PET bottles to boot!

3. Suntrica Wearable Solar Chargers
Wearable chargers are great because they boast all of the performance of other chargers with nothing to carry. The Suntrica line of wearable solar chargers, the SolarBadge and the SolarStrap, are pocket-sized, durable, and lightweight. They're lined with thin film solar panels and have a storage capacity of 3.7Wh and can also be charged using a standard outlet or USB. To use, just strap or hook them onto your bag or clothing, and get out into the sunlight.

4. Eton Mobius iPhone Charging Case
The Eton Mobius charging case has two standout qualities - it can increase your iPhone's talk time by a factor of 2, and with its slim profile, it hardly even looks like there's anything on your phone. The Mobius is equipped with a monocrystal solar panel that gathers the sun's energy and also doubles as a protective case for your phone.

5. Sun-Powered Solio Classic Charger
The Solio is an oldie but goodie - and for good reason. It's light - weighing only 158g - and compatible with over 3,200 devices. We like the fact that it can be folded up into a little pod to be slipped into a pocket or a bag, and as soon as you want to charge your phone, all you have to do is spread out the three leaf-like panels and get them soaking up sun. Also impressive? The Solio holds a charge for up to one year, so it's ready anytime, day or night.


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