Hemp: an ingredient for our sustainable future.

Hemp is legal in over 30 countries including the majority of the EU states, this versatile crop can be used in building materials,clothing, food, energy creation and a hundred other showcases of societal utility; this included being on the sails of the ships that found America (that would be Christopher Columbus) as well as the paper that the US declaration of independence was signed. Yet since 1940 this crop has been illegal in South Africa, I am not entirely sure why but do know that cotton and wool industries in America petitioned against the use of Hemp claiming it was to dangerous in that it was to closely linked with Marijuana. This of course is completely untrue as the hemp strain does not contain THC and so cannot be used to the same effect that we see weed being used for.

Where does that leave us, hemp takes 3-4 months to grow to a height where it can be cultivated, does not require huge amounts of water or pesticides; meaning it is completely sustainable and could have massive economic benefits for our country, the guys from Hemporium have put together a petition on www.hempnow.co.za please go and sign this and perhaps we will see an ingredient which could massively help in building a sustainable society. Hemp to be grown locally creating industry and a sustainable direction in one small plant.

Please see a video on a house the owner of hemporium has built completely from hemp as well as other sustainable eco measures that have been installed.

I do think it is quite funny yet rather frustrating the view that people have when it comes to 'green' and 'sustainable' always trying to define this onto hippies wearing hemp clothing, playing drums and smoking joints yet what they are doing is staring the future in the face and are to blind to see that these types of sustainable products are all we are going to have in the future. In 50 years time our children will not know anything else other than an electric car, they will not know the smell of yellow wood, people will rarely be able to afford leather and yet I am sure they will wear their Hugo Boss Hemp suits with the same swagger as these ignorant blind money hungry 'suits' of today. If only these people would look around and realise that the future is now and already we are starting to see a massive real time shift towards green and sustainable products. There is a lot of money to be made by businesses that take the first mover advantage (the galaxy will always be trying to catch up to the I-pad believe me). These concepts are main stream and you all better be ready to accept them otherwise you are going to be left behind.

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