Wrapping up 2011

Electric Cars, large scale renewable energy projects, public renewable energy companies, COP17, Libya, Egypt and many more events over 2011 have given us the indication that our world is most definitely changing, we are the forefront, the frontier if you will of a sustainable new world, 2011 could have been called the peoples year on many fronts and governments and business around the world started feeling the pressure to change from greed and profit to a more inclusive healthier society. We as consumers need to help push this movement over the edge and create a paradigm shift in the way the world works.

2012 must be the year that we as the consumer really start to think about our personal choices and how they will impact on our childrens future, we should set ourselves the simple goals of only purchasing from companies that are thinking about the environment, we must all recycle or recruit the services of companies that do recycle, we should vow not to purchase plastic bags when we go shopping and never buy bottled water. Every persons efforts are needed in order to create real change.

In 2012 FTGM hopes that we can completely unveil our vision of how we want to help to affect this change, signing up to FTGM will hopefully give you as the consumer the tools to encourage businesses to become more sustainable. Early next year we are launching our business sustainability wall and a deal tool that each business will get in order to get you to track them, once you have tracked them you will find in your member profile you will be able to monitor these businesses and interact with them on three levels, the new products and specials they post and the sustainability signals (updates) that they write about for different key areas such as waste and emissions, you will be able to give these businesses your advice and opinions on the sustainability measures they are looking to employ. You get great deals and businesses get to start a conversation with you about their sustainability efforts, its a win win situation.

Moving to February and March we have our big unveiling of our scorecard and once our system is big enough we will complete our final vision, so support us, track and interact with the businesses on the platform and together we might be able to create something truly special.

Have a great Christmas and a festive new years and we will see you in January to look to try and make the world a better place.

Hopefully you enjoyed the blog this year and we are so excited to show you all our new features in the new year.

Seasons greetings,

The Monster

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