The Story of Broke by Annie L.

Annie Leonard has brought us the story of stuff and the story of bottled water here on freethegreenmonster, both of which have struck a cord with us and are very much aligned with our views as to how obviously far our planet is off the right growth path to ensure a long and healthy relationship between man and the planet. Below is the trailer to the story of broke describing how wall street is essentially killing us all by using money to get in the way of progress.

Secondly we can look at another video that deals with our insane obsession with upgrading consumer electronics. The big companies have designed their product roll out so that we are upgrading our electronic hardware from cell phones to laptops almost every year or so, and then what happens to our waste? Well it is going into a dump where it is releasing the toxic chemicals that went into making these products and severely polluting our earth.

These products are being designed for the dump to maximize the corporations profits, surely they should be thinking in a more sustainable manner or at least offering us a sustainable alternative?

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