Monster Map - Tracking Monsters

We have launched the Monster Business Websites and would like to educate you on how to use them, why we have certain things the way they are and what is coming in the future. So today I want to go through the "tracking Monsters" functionality, what it does and what it is going to do for you as both businesses and consumers in the future.

Step one: You need to become a Member in order track a Monster Business Website. So click on the "Become a Member" bar on the right hand side of the green bar.

Step 2: Once you have registered your Membership you will be taken to your Member profile, here you will be able to view the articles you have rated and the businesses you have tracked.

Step 3: When you come across a Business that you like track it.

Step 4: Whenever you want to catch up with what your favourite businesses are doing go to your Member profile and find short cuts to your tracked businesses.

Click here for visual

Future: We want you to be able to have a direct relationship with your favourite businesses, so we are building an update wall in your member profile. This will notify you of any product and sustainability updates that your tracked businesses are making as well as give you the option to get notifications of these updates emailed to you.

As a business the real functionality of this feature for you will come in time but for now you can make people who track your Monster admins of your Monster website, thereby letting more than one Member manage a Monster webpage.

Its early days for FTGM but we have lots to offer and lots to come. If you have a business create either free listing or R 100 per month full Monster Business Website, become part of the sustainable community.

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