Monster Business

Over the last week since the launch of the monster business platform we have been testing the site with our initial business sign up's. Things have been going well and the business web pages are looking great. These businesses have found the websites easy to use and have been able to build their own websites without help and within a matter of minutes.

What these businesses all have in common is that they want to use FTGM as their business's environmental profile or CV. The time has come for us to draw back the curtains and not just buy sustainable products but all take notice of how sustainable, companies operations are in the making of these products.

We are looking for all businesses to join this business platform, you do not have to be a business that sells sustainable products right now, you could be a retailer that has no affect on the way the products that you sell are made but you have to want to build a sustainable space around your business. Once we have the sustainability tool ready every business on the platform will be able to begin to plot their own sustainability adventure and improve on their year on year performance as well as recognize those manufacturers and suppliers that are doing things more sustainability.

So watch out for the launch of our first sustainable businesses on Monday and get your business involved in the sustainability adventure!

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