Marketing social from the FTGM cloud

The internet is a daunting place, its ever expanding, Facebook was the first company to create link backs to their site allowing your site to be shared with all of their users in the form of "shares" or now as they have evolved "likes" but many have followed and so with twitter, Google +, pinterest and stumble upon to name only a few that could potentially drive massive traffic to your websites it is hard to keep up if you are trying to maintain and manage your own web presence.

With a freethegreenmonster site however we keep you up to date, your business and all your products that you create are attached to these social networks so you will never get left behind and if new hip and happening social sites appear and we feel they are worth their while we will make sure that you are connected!

Your FTGM site is so much more than just another commerce site trying to sell your product, it is an addition to your web presence, you sell your own product, you create your own deals to attract people to track your business and we make sure that we keep you up to date with an arsenal of online marketing tools.

Why would you not get a Green Monster site for only R 100 per month or R 1000 per year when it does this much?!!?

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