The green monster evolves

It might come as a surprise to some of you that I am not a professional writer or blogger, the pearls of wisdom that head the majority of these articles are just that, pearls of wisdom accumulated over my 26 years. On a serious note though it must be said that our original blogging is not all that original and for this we must apologise, I try and comb the green world for the best most interesting information possible in order to keep all of you updated on how our world is evolving or in some cases not. This is to begin to enable you to make better decisions for your lives and in running your businesses.

We are however about a month away from launching the next part of our Eco-system which will allow both people and businesses to begin their environmental sustainability adventure, the blog should hopefully give you the reason and interest to look to make a more sustainable space around your lives and the monsters (business web-sites) and evolution of your member (user) profiles should give you the tools.

I don't want to give too much away and will keep you updated throughout the month but hopefully you guys are excited about the next installment which will look to begin to steer everyone who is involved in the platform towards a lifestyle that is more conscious about the limited resources on our planet and the fact that we need to be more efficient in the way that we live.

Just think about what you would want to see if you found a new planet, an efficient smart race of beings that were clean and in balance with their planet or a race that sucked all resources from their planet without thought for future generations, that burnt fossil fuels into the air that heated the planet up changing climate and destroying entire eco-systems which house the beauty of that planet. I certainly know which one I would be most impressed with.

Just a small functionality of your member profiles, if you interact with an article in anyway, either rating it or commenting on the article it (the article) will be saved in your monster library on your member profile. This will allow you to reference it as well as follow a conversation of comments. Many more to come!


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