How to Sell

Hey there,

Anyone can sell their goods in the freethegreenmonster marketplace!  Simply create your free stall, add your payment information and create a few products -  in just 15 minutes or less you will be selling online.

Just so you know, selling is not the only thing you can do on freethegreenmonster.  You can also create and manage your own promotional coupons and get users to track your business to receive all of your latest updates.  

Here are some easy steps to get you up and running

  1. Become a member to the site.
  2. Click on "Create a Stall button", then click on a monster site.
  3. Fill in your details.
  4. Confirm your details and you stall will be active.
  5. Go to your edit listing area and enter in all your address, payment and delivery details, this should be straight forward.
  6. Click create a product, fill in your product information, making sure to tick "sell product through FTGM", enter the price of your product and how many you want to sell.
  7. Browse your computer for cool pics of your product, upload them and you are done.
  8. When you make a sale you will get an email, go to your transaction history area, click on the "Manage transaction" link and manage your transaction.
  9. You sell the product, you organise delivery and you make all the profit.

You are welcome.