How to Buy

Welcome to the Freethegreenmonster Marketplace. A place where you can discover and purchase a whole universe of goods and get them delivered to your home.

You make your purchases with the small businesses that have stalls in our marketplace.

Here are some easy steps to start you buying:

  1. Become a member - this is so the businesses will have your address and know where to deliver your goods.
  2. Find some great products that you like and add them to your cart, IMPORTANT, businesses with Flat Rate shipping activated will only charge you one delivery charge for all the goods from their store that you check out from your cart.
  3. Go to your cart and check out, choose either EFT or Paypal as a payment option (this depends on which or both the business has activated), review your order and complete.
  4. In your "View Buying History" section in the drop down under your name you will be able to see and manage all your orders. Here you will find all the information you need to complete an EFT payment as well as what you ordered and how much it came to.
  5. When a business has received your payment you will get an email, likewise when they have shipped your product.

Easy as pie, make sure you rate a business after you make your purchase in your "View Buying History" area and look at a businesses rating to see how they have done in their past transactions.

We hope you have fun.