Green Monster for your business

What can you as a business do on

Sell Products                                            Create Coupons                                        Build a following


How does it work?
  1. Create a website: takes about 20 minutes (You need to run through the entire edit listing area, once you have done this you will be ready to go)
  2. Add your products: Take about 5 minutes each.
  3. When a sale is made you will get an email, go to your transaction history area to manage the sale.
  4. Make sure you have payment and organise delivery!
Why sell on
  1. Ease of use - You add all your products, you manage your transactions. We have made these processes as easy as we could possibly think to make them. No longer will you be bound to web proffessionals to run your site.
  2. Flexibility - You decide how much of a product you want to sell and where you want to deliver too. You can choose to only sell one of something and only deliver it to your city surrounds or you can make unlimited your product supply and choose to sell to all countries that have a Freethegreenmonster filter.
  3. Affordability - For only R 100 per month as well as a free month trial to see if the product is for you, FTGM is a serious bargain. You are able to display up to 100 products and do not get charged any transaction fee's what so ever.
  4. Community - We have a strong following and an ever growing community with over 2500 people on our facebook and twitter groups, pinterest pages for all categories and spending most of your fees on marketing the platform you can be sure that your products will be seen.

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