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Monster Web Stall

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Think of it as an on-line directory listing and web store that you can sell products from and create promotional coupons with. And its FREE!

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Whether you have a website or not, an FTGM Monster Stall is the perfect, cost-free way to grow your business web presence!

Sell and Display Products: Create and showcase your product offerings in just minutes. Whether you sell or display products in the FTGM Marketplace you'll enjoy exposure to a growing FTGM customer base.

Create Promotional Coupons: Create a variety of promotional coupons to attract new customers to your establishment. The easy to use coupon management system helps you see the offering through to completion with minimal effort.

Get Customers to 'Track your Business': Every user that tracks your business receives real-time product, coupon and engagement updates on their Monster Tracks Walls as well as a single weekly email summarising the activity of all businesses that they track.

Marketing: The FTGM team uses Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising as well as social sharing of new products and coupons with our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to ensure that the site and your business enjoy increasing web traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Adding a few keywords and Meta-tags during your stall set-up allows Google and other search engines to find your stall and products easily.