Frequently asked questions will help you navigate the FTGM eco-system. FAQ's are split into four sections; 1) All about Monsters, 2) Directory / Search engine, 3) How to work you new monster, 4) How to sign up a monster.

All about monsters is a guide on what a Monster business website can do for you and your business, read through this section to understand what is available and what is coming to this unique product of having your own business website attached to our monster LIVE search engine and Monster directory for only R 100 per month.

Directory / Search Engine, are the two ways in which a potential customer can find Monster business Websites and their products, easy to use with filters, this should help you navigate the Monster eco-system.

How to work your new Monster, is for people who have signed up Monster business websites, the whole admin area is really simple but this section will give you an overview of how everything works and what everything does in your private Monster website admin area.

Lastly the how to sign up a monster just goes through the easy two step process you need to go through in order to get your very own Monster business Website.