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We always get excited when we see new markets on the Horizon, it's kind of what we live for at FTGM. And it's even better when a market comes with a slightly new take. We have really bohemiam markets, we have open air hippy markets, we have farmers markets, there are schmodel markets and now it appear there is another to add to the mix, a sophisticated foodie market!

Ever since we ran in to it on the book of faces we have been eagerly antiscipating the opening of Cape Town’s new and exciting fresh food and produce market, V&A Market On The Wharf. Judging from the pics that have been going up there is going to be some exceptional food going on and the raw shots of the premise look great.

They are also planning added bonuses like a V&A Market On The Wharf’s demo kitchen with Master Chef’s Sue-Ann Allen being its permanent on-site Chef!  The kitchen will be used for launches and cooking demonstrations by foodies and celebrity chefs.  

Apparently there are still a few places left so if you have and entrepeneurial venture that makes some fantastic culinary delight give them a shout. All the contact info is below.

We are very excited to see how this one turns out. Apparently it is set to open in December some time but after all these pics they are posting its going to be hard to wait that long. We're starving now! Enjoy the pics! :)



Greg Anderson:   info@waterfrontmarket.co.za

Website: or visit www.marketonthewharf.co.za.





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