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So, last year we told you that in 2012 we were going to unveil the full FTGM vision. Today we are launching the first of 3 features that will turn the FTGM platform from an online directory of businesses into a business to consumer and business to business social network with the tools to encourage all types of businesses to Go Green!

Ok fellow Green Monsters we have these really great tools and we need you to use them! Become Members to the site, track your favourite businesses and receive their product and Sustainability updates on your Monster Wall in your Member profile. With the Sustainability Signals you can also engage with businesses giving your opinions on what they are doing in the Sustainability space.

We think its pretty genius that businesses now finally have a space where they can fully engage their customers on their efforts to Go Green.

So as a Member you can get all your product and sustainability updates from your favourite businesses and as a business you are able to open up a whole new medium of direct communication with your customers.

See the FTGM stores Sustainability Adventure in action

Businesses Sign up here

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