Rentagreenbox - why is no one doing this in South Africa???

With the recent spike in gas and oil prices even environmentally responsible entrepreneurs like Spencer Brown are finding new ways to cut expenses.

"I'm making products, not buying them from somebody," said Brown, founder and owner of Huntington Beach, California-based Rent a Green Box, which manufacturers storage containers from recycled plastics for residential and commercial moving. "I need to know my flour, my butter, my eggs. If something goes up, I've either got to eat it or charge for it."

Rent a Green Box recently reduced its delivery cycle to five days from seven and is eking out more savings by boosting manufacturing during daylight hours and switching to compact fluorescent lighting. That's in addition to Brown's practices of running his fleet on recycled vegetable oil, using online mapping to develop more efficient routes and offering free lunches to any of his 20 full-time employees who carpool.

"People don't want to pay any more for a green service," said Brown, adding the new measures have resulted in savings of 7 percent so far this year. "I've got to keep my costs super low."

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