Our businesses can now offer you flat rate shipping

Hello again,

One of the great things about freethegreenmonster is that each business gets their own stall in our marketplace where they can display and sell their products and services. You see all of these in the marketplace which is great but go and give the business stalls a browse its great to see all the different products that a single company is offering, also you could save some money this way, HOW you ask?

Well businesses have the option for them to offer you flat rate shipping from their store. So when you see flat rate shipping in the delivery options of a specific product know that this then applies to all their products. What this means is that if you buy mulitple items from a single store you will only get charged one shipping fee!!!

Great so now businesses are going to be able to sell smaller items at cheaper prices and you can buy a couple from a single store making sense for yourselves of the delivery charge.

So get shopping with business now!

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