In.gredients, a sustainable shopping alternative

How can we stop using packaging? Well we could start by doing what these guys are doing, creating a store where there is no packaging. Imagine all the waste that could be eliminated if we were forced to bring our reusable containers to the store and fill up with the ingredients that we need. I know that perhaps at first this might not be the easiest change to make but I think that given the time you will quite easily shift your routine once you have worked out your container mix and what you need to fill up to get you through the week.

This is a radical idea and might seem impossible to you at first but I think that this is only because we have become lazy and complacent. I have a feeling that the alternative Cape Town mindset would relish in this challenge of promoting sustainability and small business..

Now you most probably don't have a store like this in your neighbourhood or city so you can be forgiven for still being forced to buy items in packaging but please for heavens sake do not purchase plastic bags every time you go to the shop, keep a couple in the boot of your car and reuse them! It just makes sense and is a small thing to do to get on the right track.

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