FTGM - The small business Loyalty scheme

Freethegreenmonster.com wants to create an eco-system of small business who sell a diverse range of products and services, we want to give them the tools to promote their business and trade their products online.

Through the convienance of this easy to use technology where a business can manage their online presence themselves we want this community to grow to such an extent that consumers begin to find that coming to this particular online marketplace turns into an online browsing experince where they come across services and products that they not only need but also want.

When we attain this bulk offering we want to offer these small businesses a loyalty scheme, at present loyalty schemes are the domain of large corporates using their bulk power to steal business from the local vendor but through mass participation we want to offer as an option onto your Green Monster website the ability to attach your business to a loyalty scheme based on purchasing and sustainability metrics.

So get involved today, help us take the first step in order to move forward and help you all take a giant leap forward, every website has a massive amount of functionality and for only R 100 per month it is really a no-brainer.

Become a Member, create a website and together lets create change

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