First Monsters Revealed

We present to you FTGM's first Monster businesses. These companies have see FTGM fit for their businesses for a number of reasons, these include:

1) A fully functioning website with an easy to use interface so that they can take control of their web domain rather than having to pay web developers to manage their web presence for them.

2) They want to be a part of a business community whose bulk attraction will exponentially increase their exposure as well as allowing their potential customers to find them using the FTGM live search engine and directory systems. Why have a website that sits in the middle of no where when for just R 100 per month you get a website that is attached to and apart of our sustainable community.

3) Certain of these businesses have business websites already but they used Monster Portal to connect their Monster sites to their existing sites thereby giving these sites exposure to the FTGM community

4) They might not all be businesses that are selling sustainable goods but they are people who want to create more sustainably run companies and so are looking to use our 'coming soon' sustainability reporting tool to map their performance and take their first step into creating a more sustainable business.

We are proud to present these businesses:

Track these businesses and have them connected to your member profile, contact them about their products and services on their contact pages and share their websites with your facebook and twitter circles as well as rating the business and their products.

Lets stand together and build our future today!

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