Create a Coupon and Catch loving customers!

Creating a coupon on the FTGM system is easy to do and easy to manage. Most of the coupon options are for you to attract customers to come to your physical store, you can offer them 20 percent off, R 50 with a spend of over R 1000, if a customer buys 10 of something they will get one free.

You will also be able to attract people to purchase with you online by creating a coupon, for instance if they receive the coupon and then use the same member profile to purchase they can get a free item with their purchase or they can buy one and they will get another of the same item for free.

The best part of this is that you create and control these coupons, their is no extra charge and no mandatory rules to follow. You will get an easy to manage area where you will have a list of all the members who have taken out coupons with you, each coupon you create will have a separate list and each list will be comprised of the member names and unique coupon numbers, you can save these lists to your desktop and print them out in order to manage a created coupon.

Once a person hands in their unique number you can tick them off the list.

So step 1 - Click on the create a coupon button

Step 2 - Enter the information about your coupon

Step 3 - Choose the coupon structure you want

Step 4 - Enter pictures and meta data (SEO)

Step 5 manage your coupon and watch your business grow.

Also did we mention that in order for someone to receive your coupons they need to track your business helping you grow a following who get updated with all your business updates.

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