Build your Monster following

You want to make money on the internet!

You can put your products onto bidorbuy but will not have much control over who sees your products and if someone has bought something from you, you have no way to tell them about specials and your new product offering, they are buying your product and not getting to know and love your business. Alternatively you can create a Woza account but then the ONLY people seeing your website are the people you drive there (this is a very lonely and expensive route).

This is where FTGM (freethegreenmonster) comes in, we give you a complete business webtool that not only displays and allows you to sell your products in a marketplace but also allows you to create relationships with your customers.

A Monster Website can do more for your business than just display and sell your products, no it can do much more.

Every Monster website allows customers on the FTGM platform to track them, these customers get updated with all of their information. So whenever you update or create a new product or coupon all your monster followers are getting notified about this to their email.

Products are not the only thing that you can post to your Monster site, you also have a mini blog where you can talk about your business, specials and anything else interesting that you might be doing on your Monster. All the people that track you will also get these updates and can come and comment allowing you to create a buzz around your business. This allows you to interact with your customers and this is essential when trying to create a real sustainble business.

For R 100 per month and a free month and with over 2500 people already on our social networks its simply a no brainer to create your business a Monster and get trading and communicating!


The Monster

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