10 THINGS a GREEN MONSTER website will do that your existing website cannot:

1) Just creating your monster website with your products and business information and attaching it to your current website will be worth the R 100 per month alone just in your increase in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

2) Create your own deals - create coupons giving consumers discount and spending incentives to visit your establishment.

3) Your Monster website is attached to all the latest and greatest social sites like Facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest and Stumbleupon to name only a few so people can share your business and product pages with these massive audiences. Anything new comes along don’t worry we will make sure your sites are updated.

4) Create a captive audience - People can track your monster website, all the people that track your business will get updated when you update your website with new products, deals and posts on your monster blog.

5) You can update your Monster site - There is no need to pay a web company to update your website anymore, now with our easy to use management area when you want to create a deal you do it, when you want to create a product you put it up in less than 5 minutes. Your web presence is now in your hands.

6) All maintenance on the Green Monster business platform is done by us, no longer will you have to worry about your site crashing.

7) Gain exposure from the Marketplace - Fine people could probably find your business by searching on a more traditional search engine but people searching the monster will be able to refine their searches giving you browsers that are more interested in what you have on offer.

8) Free Marketing - We spend money marketing the platform, this marketing is directed at you, well you do pay R 100 per month but most of that and everyone elses money goes back into marketing the site. A great start is the over 1000 people on Facebook and over 1000 people on twitter we expose your business too.

9) Makes you a familar entity - When consumers purchase from sites they have to figure out how these sites work, do they trust them ect on FTGM once a consumer has purchased from one site they have purchased  from them all, plus your rating system allows consumers to see your business as being a trustworthy and reliable establishment.

10) Easy to manage statistics - Your Monster site will show you how many people visited your site and which of your products they looked at, yes google analytics would do a better job but is much harder to use. Do you even know how to set this up? :)

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